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Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia. The city is located on Tahiti. Queen Pomare IV did Papeete to capital in the 1820s. When France took control of the area and made it into a French protectorate in 1842, they maintained that the capital Papeete. The city had then grown into a major regional port. A huge fire destroyed half the city in 1884, and in 1906 became widespread destruction by a cyclone.

Herman Melville was imprisoned here in 1842, which he later used in the novel Omoo. Paul Gauguin traveled to Papeete in 1891, with the exception of two years he returned never to France. Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry Adams was in Papeete in 1891.

Papeete is a vandrerby. It is really too small to bother about exercise sport. Taxis are expensive and difficult to obtain, especially for kl.18. Take either with a water bottle when you are out walking, it can be quite hot and humid.

Papeete has developed parts of the shore into a park, with food and carnival-like attractions.

Black pearls abound in this city and for sale in almost all stores. Look for a certificate of authenticity on the wall when buying pearls.
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