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Kaunas is Lithuania's second largest city and former capital. Kaunas has the highest number of inhabitants belonging to the Lithuanian folk group. Kaunas is built by the two biggest rivers Nemunas and Neris, in Lithuania close to Kaunas sea, the largest lake in the whole of Lithuania.

Kaunas has a number of sights and attractions such as the city walls from the 13th century, the castle the Castle rebuilt in the 15th century, you cross the River Nemunas to the old town, you have to go on the impressive bridge Vytautas, Kaunas Castle was built in the middle of the 14th century, in the Zoo, there are over 300 different species, the city's largest park, the Azuolynas is located to the South and shopping centres are to the East, in the new part of the city, Devil Museum display various Devil figures, War Museum tells the story of those who stood up against the occupying forces of the Soviet Union, in the church tower of the Archangel St Michael's Church can a get a great show beyond the city and Lithuania sports museum to name but some.

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